Dustin Pedroia signs seven year extension

by Michael Husson

The Red Sox locked up one of the cornerstones of their franchise today by extending second baseman Dustin Pedroia’s contract through the 2021 season. The deal owes Pedroia $100 million through seven seasons starting in the 2015 season. With the contract, Pedroia becomes the first second baseman to top the $100 million mark, though don’t expect that to last as Robinson Cano, New York Yankees second baseman, is set to get a huge payday this winter.

Dustin Pedroia will most likely be retiring a Red Sox legend (Photo: Google Images)
Dustin Pedroia will most likely be retiring a Red Sox legend
(Photo: Google Images)

Pedroia has always been said to be the future captain of the team after Jason Varitek retired last season and now that could definitely become a reality. He is having a stellar season at the plate posting a slash line of .308/.385/.422 which is a step up on his career slash line of .303/.371/.457. He also has six home runs, 57 runs batted in and leads the team with 121 hits. He was also named to the American League all-star team this month.

Not only does Pedroia epitomize what the Red Sox stand for but has bought into the team with a impressive resume. in 2007, Pedroia broke out onto the scene by winning American League rookie of the year and was also a part of 07′ world series team. In 2008, Pedroia continued to tear it up in the majors and was named the American League most valuable player.  He is also a two time gold glove winner as well as silver slugger.

In the 2021 season, Dustin Pedroia will be 38-years-old. With this move, the Red Sox make sure that Pedroia will most likely retire as a Red Sox legend. He already has a very impressive resume and who knows what he will add to it by the time he retires. One can assume that his number 15 will be up in the right field grandstand, an assumption that probably isn’t ridiculous to think about.


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